2019 WV Mushroom Foray

will be held July 19-21 at Blackwater Falls State Park is SOLD OUT

For the past several years, the West Virginia Mushroom Club has been held at Canaan Valley Area on the third weekend of July. We are gathering at the beautiful Blackwater Falls State Park in Davis WV July 19-21 and here is the agenda. 

THURSDAY EVENING July 18 (Schedule may slightly change)

6PM - 9PM Meet in the Music Room at Blackwater Falls Park for an informal early gathering. 



9:30 am Registration Open

10:00 AM - Wild Plant & Mushroom Walk:  Join Adam Haritan from Learn Your Land for an interpretive morning walk through Blackwater Falls State Park in search of edible, medicinal, and incredibly interesting plants, trees, and mushrooms. $25/person advanced registration required


 We are offering several fun and informative workshops on Friday afternoon (July 19).

Explore the Park - Get to know the Davis,Thomas, Dolly Sods, Canaan area, visit the tables, look over the silent auction, and spend time at the ever expanding number of mushrooms we are collecting throughout the day.  Experts will be on hand as well as trail maps, local info, and any scheduling changes. 

12:00 pm (noon) – 1:45pm: Beginner Mushroom Identification with Arleen Bessette
- $25 per person and register early as space is limited


12:00 pm (noon) – 1:45pm:  Mushroom Cultivation with Ivan Steifel, Maureen Feral & Max Dubansky
 -    Includes take-home mushroom-growing kit for Oyster mushrooms
 -    $25 per person; space is limited, so register early

2 pm – 3:45 pm: Mushroom Art with Rosalie Hazlett
 -    Supplies and instructions for drawing and painting
 -    $25 per person; space is limited, so register early
2 pm – 3:45 pm & 4 pm – 5:45 pm (2 sessions): Mushroom Microscopy with Shannon Nix 
 -    Microscopes and personal instruction will be provided.
 -    $25 per person
 -    Space is limited to 12 people for the 2 pm workshop and 12 people for the 4 pm workshop.

 On Friday evening, get together with other mushroom enthusiasts for a pizza social, followed by a fascinating overview of regional mushrooms.

6 pm  – 7:30 pm: Pizza Party & Social 
 -    All-you-can-eat pizza, salad, and non-alcoholic beverages
 -    In addition, a variety of wild mushroom toppings will be catered by Laurie Little from White Grass Café (http://www.whitegrass.com/)

 -    $20 per person advance tickets required (see registration page)

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm: Expert mycologist Walt Sturgeon will present an entertaining overview of regional mushrooms. Macrofungi Niches and Mushrooms in the Ecosystem. 


Saturday will be a full day, starting with the morning foray at 8:30 am, and ending in the early evening with identification of foray-collected fungi.  After lunch, there will be afternoon presentations on a variety of mycological topics, a delicious wild-mushroom tasting feast, the ever-popular Silent Auction, and last (but not least) identification of collected mushrooms, and then a final evening presentation.  

The morning foray is the highlight of the weekend! Guided walks offer an excellent opportunity to explore this unique and beautiful part of West Virginia and collect local fungi for later identification.  Foray participants can choose from a variety of guided walks that include both short & easy terrain, more challenging terrain, and a combination mushroom/bird walk. We have the best regional leaders 

-  8:00 am - 9:00 Registration and Foray Walk Sign up

- 9:00 am - 9:15 Arleen Bessette How to Collect Wild Mushrooms

-  9:30 am - 12 Noon Foray Walks   

- 9:30 am - 2:30 pm Otter Creek Foray with Max Dubansky Pack your lunch and still have time to see some afternoon presentations.  

- 12 Noon to 1:00 pm Lunch on your own

-  1:00 pm - 1:50 Fungal Toxins In Modern Medicine with Adam Haritan   In addition to their ability to cause serious harm, poisonous mushrooms may be prime candidates in the treatment of modern diseases.  In this presentation, Adam Haritan will share the latest research on which of the world's most common and deadly mushrooms are currently being studied for their potential therapeutic roles in contemporary Western medicine.

- 1 pm- 1:45 Name That Mushroom with Brett Smith.  (In Music Room) Targeting kids and beginners and will include discussion of parts of a mushroom, mushroom foray kit, mushroom safety, types of mushrooms, and a section on IDing popular/common mushrooms in this region.

 -  2:00 pm - 2:50 Mushrooms of the Gulf Coast with Alan Bessette

- 3:00 pm - 3:45  Olga Tzogas from Smugtown Mushrooms will present Fungi and Culture of Greece. 

- 4:00 pm - 5:30  Walt Sturgeon, assisted by Alan Bessette, Django Grootmyers, and John Plischke will identify foray-collected fungi and highlight important characters for species identification.

- 5:30 pm   Silent auction items bidding ends. (Please bring donations for silent auction; auction proceeds support the West Virginia Mushroom Club.)

-  5:30 pm - 6:30  Wild-mushroom tasting catered by the White Grass Café

-  6:30 pm - 7:15  John Plischke will finish up with an evening presentation of Boletes of New England 

-  7:30 pm - 9:30 Easy Goin' Shelter Party in Davis City Park across from Stumptown Ales.


-  8:30 pm  - 11 pm  Mushroom infused cocktails at the Billy Motel in Davis with Kyle or Furnace Mtn Band @ Purple Fiddle in Thomas.  


-  8:30 am - noon Meet at Blackwater Lodge for a nature/myco walk with various leaders. We will return for a table talk and lunch on your own. 

-  9:00 am - 10:30  Making Mushroom  Medicine workshop with Nina O' Malley from Virginia's mycological Mush Luv Learn the basics of making your own medicine with mushrooms. We will discuss some of the best and simplest ways to optimize the benefits of common medicinal mushrooms growing in your local forest or at your friendly neighborhood mushroom farm.



 -    Walt Sturgeon is an expert in the mushrooms of the Mid-Atlantic. .He is an the author of various mycological books including Mushrooms of the Northeast: A Simple Guide to Common Mushrooms.

-    Adam Haritan is the founder of Learn Your Land, an online resource for naturalists. Adam's energy and lively presentations thrill participants across the nation. He regularly leads walks and workshops focusing on edible plants and fungi. 

 -   Arleen and Alan Bessette are lifelong mushroom experts touring the globe giving presentations and workshops. Author of many mushroom books including Mushrooms of the Southeast and North American Boletes.

 -    Dr. Shannon Nix is Director of the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at George Mason University.

 -    John Plischke is the author of Good Mushroom, Bad Mushroom: Who’s Edible, Who’s Toxic, and How to Tell the Difference. Along with his wife Kim they attend forays and give presentations nationwide. They will be adding so much expertise to our WV foray


-  Olga Tzogas owns and operates Smugtown Mushrooms in upstate New York.  She is an organizer for the 2016 Radical Mycology Convergence and the MycoSymbiotics Festival from 2015-17. Her Mycelium Underground helped develop the first ever New Moon Mycology Summit in 2018. 

-   Ivan Steifel and Maureen Feral are local mushroom cultivators that put on various regional workshops and presentations. 

-   Rosalie Hazlett  is an art graduate and lifelong artist from West Liberty University. She is an Emerging Artist Fellows for the Tamarack Foundation for the Arts. She is a graphic designer and illustrator and very skilled at teaching and giving presentations.  

White Grass Cafe has been well loved since the late 70's. High quality wholesome foods, local produce and friendly staff,  Laurie Little is author of two best selling cookbooks on natural foods eating. They will be the creators of our mushroom tasting Saturday evening. 

-  Nina O' Malley and Charlie Aller head up the mushroom growing business business Mush Luv in Charlottesville. Dedicated to connecting mushrooms with community through education, food, medicine, and symbiotic empowerment.

Brett Smith is a 12 year old myco-enthusiast. He has been avidly learning, photoing, and speaking about mushrooms for the past 5 years. He presented a wonderful program in honor of Gary Lincoff last year.


 -    Max and Katharine Dubansky are the proprietors of Backbone Farm a small, diversified, organic farm in Western Maryland  that cultivates shiitake mushrooms and lots of other sustainably grown food. They will be helping with the entire foray in various ways including lots of fresh cultivated mushrooms.


 All foray activities will be held at the Blackwater Falls State Park (https://wvstateparks.com/park/blackwater-falls-state-park/) in Davis, WV. 

 -    For lodging at the Blackwater Falls, you may want to simply call (304-259 5216) and mention WV Mushroom Club with a substantial discount available for reservations made 60 days in advance.  Book early as rooms fill up.

 -    A list of additional lodging options is available at http://www.canaanvalley.org/where-to-stay or https://whitegrass.com/links/lodging/ 


The West Virginia Mushroom Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We keep costs as low as possible to encourage participation.  Everything we earn goes into our foray budget for the following year. Our forays get better each year because of YOU! Thanks so much.  We are extremely grateful for your support.


703 Laurel Rd Charleston, WV  25314


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